You tube studio setting.

Longer recordings: When your record is confirmed, you can transfer recordings longer than the 15-minute breaking point.

Connection to outer locales: Use cards and end screens in recordings to connection to affirmed merchandise and crowdfunding destinations.

Custom thumbnails: Upload a custom thumbnail for your video.


Content ID advances: Appeal rejected Content ID question.

Unlisted and private recordings: Make your recordings unlisted and share your private recordings.

Live occasions: Learn how to make a live spilling occasion.

Arrangement playlists: Group recordings into arrangement playlists to enable watchers to find them.

Modify channel format: Customize your channel’s design with marked pennants and channel trailers.

Home bases on Air: You can make a live Hangout On Air occasion.

Make or alter channel workmanship

Channel workmanship appears as a standard at the highest point of your YouTube page. You can utilize it to mark your channel’s character and give your page a one of a kind look and feel.

Utilize the rules and cases underneath to set up your plan. Remember that channel workmanship appears to be unique on work area, portable, and TV shows. Perceive how channel craftsmanship shows on various gadgets.

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