Who is your real friend?

Somebody has stated, “A companion is a man who will take me the way I am.” Accepting this as one meaning of the word, may I rapidly propose that we are something not as much as a genuine companion on the off chance that we leave a man a similar way we discover him.

Top Best Friendship Quotes in 2018

There is by all accounts a misconception with respect to a few men today concerning being a companion. Demonstrations of a companion should bring about self-change, better states of mind, confidence, comfort, encouragement, sense of pride, and better welfare. Unquestionably the word companion is abused on the off chance that it is related to a man who adds to our wrongdoing, hopelessness, and feelings of anguish. When we influence a man to feel he is needed, his entire disposition changes. Our kinship will be unmistakable if our activities and dispositions result in change and freedom.

It takes mettle to be a genuine companion. A few of us jeopardize the esteemed characterization of companion due to our unwillingness to be one under all conditions. Dread can deny us of kinship. A few of us distinguish our dearest companions as those with the boldness to remain and share themselves with us under all conditions. A companion is a man who will propose and render the best for us paying little mind to the prompt outcomes. Sir Winston Churchill ended up Great Britain’s most noteworthy companion in his nation’s breaking point since he was sufficiently valiant to call for “blood, work, tears, and sweat” when some would have acknowledged him all the more promptly as a companion had he upheld quiet surrender.

Are we not inside our rights as individuals from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to respect our prophet, soothsayer, and revelator, President Harold B. Lee, as a nearby close companion as he abandons us enhanced every day by his ability to reprimand, rebuke, love, energize, and manage as indicated by our requirements? President Lee is our companion; I give testimony is, in the fullest and most honorable feeling of the word, and he will lead us by motivation and by his bold character.

I welcome you to be his companion. What a delight it was for me at the beginning of today to raise my arm to the square and manage my companion, President Harold B. Lee! His kinship with me during that time has met the test. He has dependably been willing to take me the way I am and abandon me made strides. What a delight it is to go along with him and my companions among the General Authorities, and every one of you, in building the kingdom of our Heavenly Father here upon this world!


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