How to use blotting paper?

Once you have removed a single sheet from the pack, place it on an area which you feel is particularly shiny or oily –the main area which tends to collect oil is your T-zone (which comprises of the nose, forehead and chin). Leave the blotting paper in place for a few seconds, holding it the whole time to make sure that the sheet stays in one place and does not rub any of your makeup off. Once you feel you that it has been in the oily area for enough time, remove the sheet as swiftly as you can. You’ll be able to tell if you have done this right if you find that you face is immediately mattified, and also if you see that the sheet has become transparent – this means that it is full of oil. If you find that other areas of your face have that same unattractive shine, take out a new sheet from the pack and use it over there. Repeat this every few hours to ensure that you’re thoroughly removing all the oil off of your face and preventing any buildup. Make sure that you don’t accidentally use the same piece of blotting paper more than once as you will end up spreading the collected oil around your face and make your skin more prone to developing acne.


Why blotting paper is the best way to get oil off your face
There are a lot of people who seem to think that tissue or wet wipes work just as well for removing all the oil off of the face – however, this simply isn’t true. Blotting paper is great for oily skin because it is specifically designed to be absorbent, and will get rid of any excess oil a lot better than a normal tissue. In addition to this, you’ll find that using a tissue or a wet wipe will mean that you have to redo your makeup, whereas using a sheet of this extremely thin material will leave all product completely intact on your face.

Let’s take a quick look at the reasons why blotting sheets are so crucial to your summer skin care regime…

The sheets help set your makeup
The sheets help set your makeup

After you have applied sunscreen, pat your face gently with a blotting sheet so it can absorb the excess oil that the product can generate on your skin. Also use blotting sheets to pat your face lightly after using cream-based or liquid makeup. This way you will allow your makeup to set in and it won’t keep melting away with the sweat very often.

They will mattify your lips

Use a blotting sheet on your lips after applying your lipstick. The sheet absorbs the excess oils and emollients on your lips and gives you a matte finish. Using blotting sheets on your lipstick also helps it last longer.
Blotting sheets help control shine on your face
Blotting sheets help control shine on your face

There is a thin line between glowing skin and oily skin and it is important to know the difference. So every time you start getting the heavy oily feels on your face, resort to the blotting sheet.

For each time you need to rush into a meeting and look presentable but don’t have the time to redo your makeup, just pat your face with a blotting sheet. It will quickly absorb the excess oil on your forehead and nose without ruining your makeup and will also give you a matte finish.

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