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As should be obvious from the above rundown Casey Neistat adores his standard cameras. Every last one of these cameras likewise has its own particular contrasts and be benefits.


Leading the most utilized and perceived camera in the Vlog is the Canon 70D. Casey has this over the Joby GorillaPod with a standard 10-18mm focal point. This is an extraordinary Vlogging camera for YouTubers as it dons a flip screen, optical envision adjustment and continuos auto center with proficient quality video.

At the point when Casey isn’t utilizing the Canon 70D he will no doubt utilize the relentless Canon G7X. This smaller little camera is mid to top range. Highlights incorporate a flip screen and optical picture adjustment to give some examples.

The third camera that Casey Neistat utilizes is the Canon PowerShot 120. One of the fundamental explanations behind Casey utilizing this camera is that it is fantastically snappy and near being indistructable. This is likewise an extremely prevalent camera for other YouTube Vlogger’s. On the off chance that you need to take in more about the rigging and gear Casey Neistat utilizes click this connection.

What Kind Of Camera Does YouTuber FunForLouis Use?

What Kind Of Camera Does YouTuber FunForLouis Use?

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV

Standard G7X

In the event that your into movement at that point you’ve most likely observed FurForLouis’ Vlog. Louis is continually going far and wide gathering new individuals and having a fabulous time.

Since Louis travels a crazy sum in his Vlogs, its a decent marker that he has refined the specialty of going with a camera. You will see from the cameras he utilizes is that they are very minimal. This implies it can be effortlessly put away in a rucksack or even a pocket.

FunForLouis’ fundamental Vlogging camera is the Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 IV. This minimized camera is an unquestionable requirement for Louis when voyaging yet don’t be deceived by its little size. A few faultfinders have said this is a disturbance to the camera showcase. Predominantly on the grounds that as it has all the bigger DSLR includes in a littler body.

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